Meet the Team

Dr. James A. Brozik, Co-Founder & CTO


 Dr. Brozik is a co-Founder of Photon Biosciences and Distinguished Professor of Chemistry at Washington State University. Dr. Brozik has 28 years of experience as an optical spec­troscopist including work with inorganic materials, non-linear phenomenon, molecular spectroscopy, single molecule spectroscopy, molecular biophysics, and instrument development.

Dr. ChulHee Kang, Co-Founder & CTO


Dr. Kang is a co-Founder of Photon Bioscience and Professor of Chemistry and Bio­engineering at WSU. Dr. Kang is a leading expert on metal binding proteins with 38 years of experience as a biophysicist, protein engineer, and structural biochemist.

Chandima Bandara, CEO


 Chandima Bandara is the CEO of Photon Biosciences. Prior to joining Photon Biosciences, he worked in the Biotechnology industry in both research & development and marketing & sales where he was involved in innovation-driven rapid business growth in medium-scale biotechnology companies.

Meet More of the Team

Dr. Kevin Lewis, Lead Scientist


  Dr. Lewis is a lead scientist in charge of protein chemistry and biophysical characterization. He has a background in biophysical chemistry, structural biology, and microbiology.

Dr. Alexandre Dixon, Senior Research Scientist


  Dr. Dixon is a senior research scientist at Photon Biosciences and leads the development of small molecule fluorophores. He specializes in luminescence spectroscopy, synthetic organic chemistry, and biological imaging.

Dr. Bryan Borders


  Dr. Borders is a senior scientist at Photon Biosciences in charge of the research and development of the RECAL product lines. He is a PhD Chemist specializing in luminescence spectroscopy, molecular imaging technology, single molecule spectroscopy, biophysical chemistry, and inorganic chemistry. email: