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PBS® Technology

Our core technology is a new ultrasensitive detection platform that combines bioengineered proteins with a unique in vivo biomineralization process that results in a number of different genetically expressible luminescent bionanoparticles that are non-bleaching and non-blinking with luminescence intensities that rivals and surpasses many fluorescent organic molecules. The excitation and emission wavelengths of these expressible bionanoparticles can be tuned with the composition of the mineralization process and span much of the visible and near infrared regions of the electromagnetic spectrum.  Because of its unique photophysical properties, PBS® has been developed into new ultrasensitive probes for biomolecular research, detection technologies, and cellular imaging.

Unlimited Source of Photons from a Single Bionanoparticle

Photon Biosciences, LLC was founded in 2017 to develop and market entirely new classes of genetically expressible phosphorescent proteins that never photobleach and have luminocities that rival GFP.

Originally formed as a Washington State University start-up, Photon Biosciences, LLC has received Phase I funding from the National Institutes of Health SBIR program (NIGMS SBIR) and a GAP grant from the Washington Research Foundation to develop our core technologies and commercialize a variety of product lines for the biomedical research community and biotechnology.

Core Technology:

  • Non-Photobleaching
  • Non-Photoblinking
  • Bright
  • Expressible in Live Cells
  • Non-Toxic
  • Narrow Luminescent Bands
  • Upconversion Capable
  • Phosphorescent

  • Reactive Bionanoparticles for Protein Labeling
  • Fusion Proteins
  • Two-Photon Probes
  • Plasmids for Celluar Based Imaging / Detection
  • Custom ELISA Kits

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